Drivel Thread 1.0


I waited tables in the West Village and waited on Kurt Loder. More than once.


That’s awesome- I love Doug Kershaw and even have one of his albums.


My dad got the flu and went to the doctor on Wednesday, because he wasn’t getting much better. When the doctor heard him breathe he said he needs to go to the emergency room.

When we got to the ER they brought him right in and admitted him- it was the first time my dad has been admitted to the hospital ever… he’s 90 years old.

He was OK for the next day or so, but yesterday he unexpectedly turned very bad. We weren’t sure he was going to make it last night as he was totally unresponsive. I heard the doctor say “this is a full code”. Scared the shit out of my mom and I.

Then he woke up, miraculously and was interested in the basketball game on TV. Crazy… but he’s doing quite well today and we are optimistic for a full and complete recovery.

Bottom line: when you are 90 years old catching the flu is literally a life and death situation. I guess I knew that, but always have thought my dad was impervious to anything like that.


Yup! That’s also the reason I would get pissed when someone would come to work or to my kid’s school with a fever.

There was a kid that worked for me that would come to work with a fever. Every time he would spread it to someone else. I get that he needed his hours, but so do a lot of people. He once got someone sick and she couldn’t visit her dying mother in law


I’m glad your dad is feeling better, Dougo!


Thank you Nick… we try to be vigilant about it too. Even more cautious now.


Glad he’s stable dougo

Sorry man


What year was this?
I’m just curious because I remember Kurt Loder from :thinking::thinking::thinking:
the MTV days and that was like a hundred years ago! :laughing:


Glad to hear that your dad is doing better, Dougo.


Nice to hear he’s on the mend Dougo , we all think we are bullet proof ,but it seems we are not .



i’d say about time


I’d think “Oh great, now we have Pence…who is capable of more evil because he’s not Trump”


I don’t think Pence has the same willingness to fight everyone who disagrees with him at the level that Trump does.


My cat Dutchie came in to my room at 5:45 this morning, jumped onto the bed and started rubbing her face on Steve’s face to wake him up. His alarm didn’t go off today bc he took the day off, but Dutchie knew it was Monday and it was time for him to get up.

She doesn’t do this on Saturdays and Sundays. How does she know? She’s amazing.


She looks a lot like our Tiger Lily, seen here keeping watch over the little one while she sleeps…


It was like 10 years ago.


Just got my dad home from the hospital. He was in there for one week. They called and said he would be discharged at noon… we finally left the hospital at 5:15.


Oh, so pretty recent then. So I guess he’s still around.


Glad he’s out!!!
Hugs and loves dougo!