Drivel Thread 1.0



What I saw was truly horrible.

I sure as hell didn’t need to see that much of Adam Levine either.

Saw many tweets about how the whole country was in an uproar about part of Janet jackson’s nipple accidentally coming out but not one thing is said about Adam Levine intentionally showing his to the world.


My Mom texted me "Maroon 5? Yuck!"
Luckily my kid needed a ride so I missed the end. My husband was bummed he didn’t miss it.


Atlanta’s own Big Boi was out there for like a minute and half. That’s what annoyed me more than anything.



Drugs are bad, hmm okay…


The light snow on the ground really adds that final Hoth (or wherever the fuck it is) touch to the tableau.


Anyone ever eat those chocolate covered espresso beans?

I don’t like mixing caffeine with my food. Rather drink it separately.


I fucking love those.






Where’d everyone go for a full day?


I sometimes work.


Yeah right
You don’t work
You kick ass with your elbows!!!



Anybody find my keys?


Awwwhhh Shit, they seem to have ended up in my sock drawer , sorry bout that .


Last place I looked…



We just found out my wife has a cancer of some sort today. CT scan showed cancer throughout her abdomen. Not sure what is coming. Meeting with an oncologist on Friday. Not sure why I am posting this.