Drivel Thread 1.0


Shit, man. I am very sad to hear this.


Oh Fuck nick



Sorry to hear this news, Nick.

Hope you get good news from the oncologist.

Cancer sucks - but both my wife and I are cancer survivors.

Be strong!


All three of my sisters are cancer survivors. They’re all total dicks though.

You’re lovely wife is gonna get through this. Life will be beautiful.


We are trying to be strong. The challenge right now, aside from obviously the kids, is that my wife scans people for her job. She sees this shit all the time and knows how these things often end up. I’ve never felt better about being dumb. But she sees this stuff a lot.

We have some stuff on our side. I am so grateful that every test and every procedure we had done today was carried out by co-workers\friends of hers. The doctor that found it is a close friend of my wife’s. I don’t envy him at all. That had to be rough.

Without going into many details, what we thought was constipation was cancer and that sucks. With 3 premature kids, I feel like we, as a couple, are positioned in a way that makes us more well-equipped to deal with this. I know they are different, but we have dealt with a lot.


Never mind


Love ya, bub.


Wow, nick. I’m sorry to hear this and wish you both the best. Sounds like she’s in good hands.


Thanks, everyone!


Deep sigh. Thinking positive for you friend.


Having friends to work with can be very helpful as so much of the impact can be psychological. Good luck as you move through this.


yep. love ya too nick. i know it goes w/ out saying for all of us. just let us know if there’s anything we can do.
in the meantime just hang w/ that fam and if you can pop in and let us know we’d appreciate it.


Again, thanks everyone! We will know more on Friday. We are nervous, but ready for whatever we have to do


Oddly enough, I’ve thought about Renee a lot the past 24 hours. Not sure why.


I think about her less and less now. It was tragic. Anytime I hear an Afghan Whigs song I think about the old days though


kind of fun to go back and read some that are archived…

I mean, ISPY, tapilon, tim crimson, bonochick, charli669, scummy man, gringo, kyuss, pagethesage, exile (still here), shelfie …oh man…my 20’s internet days were fun.


I’m appropriately in the idle section


I’m not even listed as idle, but I was around back then too.

I remember wasting a lot of time at my old job :smiley:

Maybe you can get into Bonochick’s profile page, she had a thousand quotes from members in there that were hilarious.


Yeah, I’m kind of surprised to not see SOME persona of mine active or idle.


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