Drivel Thread 1.0


Friday can’t get her quick enough. We need a plan. Not knowing hurts so much.


Thanks for the update nick.


The amount of money these two spend is ridiculous:


fake celebrity bullshit


Yes, it’s absurd.


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only you, myself and UV have earned it.

that’s some solid company right there. proud y’all


I feel like dead people’s music is the safe bet for my adulation.

I know Lowell George, Gram Parsons, and even Jerry Garcia probably had some asshole-ish misgivings at some point, but I doubt they’ll be pulling any shit from the grave.


You’re all out of love. I’m so lost without you.


I know you were right, believing for so long.


Please stop. THis is impeding my air supply.


I would but I can’t fight this feeling anymore.


Wait. I think that’s REO Speedwagon. Same shitty difference.


Eh, I think the dudes in Air Supply were fucking each other whereas the dudes in REO Speedwagon were fucking our ears.


Air Supply > REO Speedwagon

Ps. What kind of shit band names are these???


One was a cool car


And one keeps old assholes alive


Actually I saw REO Speedwagon a couple times way, way back in their early days and liked them a lot - I was young and naive, however. Their first two albums are pretty good I think.

Air Supply - I have never had any use for them, period.


I loved air supply when I was a young kid.


I loved Air Supply too and I saw REO Speedwagon in concert a few times.