Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m sorry. I feel responsible for the last few posts.







They’re certainly friends of mine.


I had a discussion with an architect friend of mine who is a devout Catholic. I told him that letting priests marry would make this problem go away.

He said that to do the job as a priest well you have to be focused on the work and marriage was a distraction.

I asked him if his wife made him a shittier architect. He laughed this point off, but I think he got it.


Well, now we know that wives are more of a distraction than children. I’d have thought it the other way around, but I’m no pedophile.


Someone check with Ryan Adams.


Hello, I’m Toxic Rocket, wanna skate??



Can’t stand Pelosi
Those other two are cool


She’s the saint of shade. You will need her in your prayer/candle arseonal. :candle:


Toxic Brute


I’m sure y’all have discussed this before, but the badges one receives from the board for doing certain things make feel like I’m in a Skinner box.


You should get an awesome sparkly badge for a Skinner box reference.


And yet…nothing. Computers suck.



this was a conversation with Finn and Mae whilst watching Dr. Pimple Popper…

Finn (6YO): So she does more than just pop little pimples.
Me (38YO): Oh yeah, she’s awesome. She can do anything.
Mae (4YO): Can she juggle?