Drivel Thread 1.0



There was just a guy on the news named Shadrach Peeler.


Seems he committed two murders. Should I know his name?


His name alone was worth posting


I am shopping for a cheap duffel bag because I go on one-nighters to the big city frequently enough. I usually carry my clothes in a grocery bag, but want to have a more fancy option. I think this duffel bag from the internet is telling me it has room for my portable CD player


I love duffels
And actually shop online and look at them nearly every week or at least once a month

You want sporty?
Or really super spend and nice?


I want sturdy but not spendy. $19.99. I’m not joking when I say it is replacing a grocery bag. But I am willing to entertain ideas within reason.

Really just a 1-2 night, for hotels and light travel. I always carry a 14" laptop but do have a timbuk2 bag for that, so I could put it inside. My biggest challenge in this scenario is how to carry said laptop without crush worries.

I guess I could just carry the timbuk2 bag separately.


I love thrift stores for stuff like this. I found a brand new pair of these at one the other day. Still had tags:

for $20.


Who’s watching the Oscars? Not me. I don’t think that I’ve seen any of the movies anyway.

I don’t get American’s fixation with “awards season”. I saw some snippets from the Grammys and the honorees just seemed so disingenuous and self important.


Not watching, either.
But I do want to see Gaga & Bradley sing “Shallow”. I’ll catch it on youtube later.


So is A Star Is Born really about Ryan Adams?


No. The story has been around since 1937. That’s when the first A Star is Born came out.
Maybe it was written even before that.



I believe each version of A Star Is Born was tweaked to fit in with its era.


I stand with Lady Gaga 100%




I like her because she’s not fearless—she’s courageous. It’s courage borne of the awareness that the consequences of doing something are far preferable to the consequences of not doing something.



This year will be the 30th Anniversary of Neil Young’s ‘Freedom’ album. I, for one, would like a remastered and expanded release.


They could at least release the Eldorado EP along with it.