Drivel Thread 1.0


What a song:


Big morning. Kids, don’t take pictures while driving 60 mph!!


I took a pic of mine when it said 80085.






The Ambien force is strong with this one…


Jesus. What a wreck of a person.

Here’s the thing, Ambien has never made me racist and I love my Ambien.


Oh no she 's not racist, I am sure it’s just a side effect of the drug. Watch out for Lexapro, makes you homophobic. :pill::sleeping::pill:



My favorite customer told us last month they were looking at other companies that do what we do. Today they told me the best path is to continue our partnership! :blush:

They’re the nicest people ever. They’re Canadian. Do those two things go hand in hand?


I think so. I love Canadians.


I’ve been inside a Canadian.

So…I’ve loved a Canadian?


This seems to be the right place to mention that Kathleen Edwards is apparently recording a new album.


oh fuck yeah!!!

i thought she’d done quit…hence her “quitters coffee” house


She played a show at the Birchmere when I was living in DC a year and a half ago. It was absolutely fantastic. The cell video doesn’t do it justice:


And yes that’s her ex-husband on guitar. I get along with my ex-wife reasonably well, but performing together would seem to require a little more than that.


who’s the ex?

bon iver right?


Colin Cripps. They were married. She dated Bon Iver after she separated from her husband.


oh yeah!

i remember that name.

i’ve seen her play live before and i loved it. she’s very talented.


I’m pretty sure that I first heard about her on the .org. She’s fantastic. Let’s hope for a great album and full tour.