Drivel Thread 1.0


saw her on her failer tour
she opened for bob dylan

dylan sucked
edwards fucking slayed it w/ a 6-7 song set. that was a great day.


Voyaguer is just such a great divorce album. Not quite Blood on the Tracks, speaking of Dylan, but really moving. It helped that I was getting divorced when it came out, I am sure.


i’ve not had the pleasure…but that album has some powerful stuff on it…

for the record and house full of empty rooms.


not a blood on the tracks…maybe a tunnle of love comparison is closer


Yeah, that sounds about right. She played several of those songs at the Birchmere solo acoustic. I think she opened with Change the Sheets. I still get goosebumps when I think of it.


I missed the Birchmere show, had no idea she was touring. I WILL go see her if she tours again. The new album is great news.


Well I also saw her say something on Twitter about being in a recording studio but I think there was something else behind it about not getting the joke, or something of that nature.

We need clarification before I get my hopes up.

I’ve never seen her.

Change The Sheets came around when I was deciding to move to Louisville. No divorce but still a life change and that was my theme song for a while.



Maybe she’s just saying then that she was trying to talk about hockey!!

I passed over it pretty quickly. Looks like she really is going to Nashville to record an album! :heart:


It was a one-off gig to celebrate the Canadian sesquicentennial. It was organized by the Canadian embassy. She is opening for John Prine in a few places this summer, including in Buffalo, I believe.



Just read that. His good deed got him in trouble for something else!


I had Nick delete the So, here’s the deal thread because of stuff.

I’m not so brave. I hope you can all understand and forgive me.


I still think you are brave. Bearing that shit to friends is brave. You got your point across. Nothing else is needed.


Thank you, Nick. Btw, are you still pretty? :wink:


Or did having a half dozen children take it’s toll?


What’s your perfect toast?

I say 5e or 4g with butter.




2e. Though it depends what I plan to eat with or put on the toast.


5F with jam or buttah


I don’t see color.