Drivel Thread 1.0


Do you see toast?


Oh, sure. I’m not in denial.


I’m black toast intolerant


Are you baguette fluent?


Black toast matters.


Don’t call me gluttenist.

Some of my best loaves are pumpernickel.


Don’t call it a comeback
I’ve been here for years


Any darker and you should be shot


4G or 7C look like the perfect ones. Cram it, balv :wink:


I gotta go with 5E.


I would have done the same. Your friends here know what’s up. Everyone else can suck a bag of dicks.


4E is my jam


Thank you. Last thing I need is DRA assaulting me.


That. Is. What. She. Said.




I didn’t search too hard for the previous comments on Girl Scout Cookies. If you’re town has an Aldi’s, they have cloned the traditional cookies with their own in store brand, Benton’s. 1/4 the price and you don’t have to deal with someone’s asshole mom who’s name is undoubtedly Susan and she just went to her guy to get a blowout specifically to look good while selling cookies in front of the fucking Walmart.


Yeah, but then I’d have to go to Aldi.



hellz yeah!!! :wink:


I’m an ENTJ-A.