Drivel Thread 1.0


A good buddy of mine is the captain of the tour boat down there. He gets to take a boat full of tourists around the harbor and coast and talk about the history and architecture around the city.

If you see him say “Hey Andy Gump”.


That sounds relaxing, and may happen :slight_smile:


Charleston is a beautiful city.

Andy may not be doing that gig anymore though… not sure if he got a new job that he mentioned he was considering.

He has tons of river navigation experience from hi career as a Captain in the coast guard, but he’s “retired” now.


Have a nice trip, Bob! Hope it’s warm and sunny.

I’m heading to St. Pete, FL on Wednesday for a 5 day visit in the sun and see my mom. :palm_tree::palm_tree:


Please know that “tons” is not a word associated with measurement.


Nick, is there really an ignore device in the works?


Seriously. I’m just avoiding 6-7 new threads.


This board has all of the sudden become about a Southern Racist and I almost wish the topics were still heavily about Ryan Adams.


It’s coming. Discourse is a little different than our past platforms. Add-ins have to be approved and they can’t hinder performance


We have a performance hinderer amongst us.



Couple of other fun tweets :


That last one is a really good one.


Hold the fuck on here for a second.

Am I being paranoid or does Meade show up every time there is some kind of Ryan Adams controversy? Also, depending on the severity of the issues, we end up getting a certain level of Meade-ness.




It’s like a co-occurring disorder. You get a blister and then it gets infected. A cold gives you chapped lips. They feed off each other. A true troll.


I propose that we make Ryan fake his death to test your hypothesis. Or else assassinate him. I mean, it’s for science, right?




I just saw a kitten on the highway. It was between the left lane and 2nd to left lane where I was. I saw something in the road and as I went by it lifted up its head and looked right at me. It wasn’t dead. But I was going 65 mph as was everyone around me. I can’t imagine how it got there or how it was still alive, but I know if I go back it won’t be alive anymore. :cry:


Ugh. That’s very sad.