Drivel Thread 1.0



Y’all mother fuckers need Jesus.




Super Worm Spring Equinox Moon tonight!


When did we start letting anime directors name our celestial events?


Did we lose UV in the Meade debacle? Or any others? Call them back! It’s safe to swim.


I get to play tonight. Always fun on a full moon.


Play it loud.

And get down on the stage and do the worm!


They finally replaced the carpet in that place. I just might!!


Just finished a huge project for one of the Pearl Jam guitarist’s art show. We’re invited to the family and friends opening. Not a big Pearl Jam fan but considering it.


That sounds worthwhile… however I enjoy art much more than openings.

A bunch of pretentious people hob knobbing around always seem to get in the way.


This will likely be more pretentious than usual.


I hope not! :disappointed_relieved:


I can’t think of a more emblematic case of someone looking like he belongs on Monty Python’s upper class twit of the year than the Chancellor of the Exchequer, here featured next to Theresa May. He was also great in Four Weddings and a Funeral.


> Absolute garbage not even worthy of a drunken nights viewing…
> aelthric9 May 2012
> This movie stinks on so many levels that you will be aghast at how it got made…
**> **
> First the plot is so childish that I thought I was watching an episode of those creepy Chuckle Brothers with boobs and arse thrown in for good measure…
**> **
> Next was the acting, considering that these actors were not complete amateurs and some have played some really good roles in both TV and film it was pitiful to see them floundering around in this film like kids in a school play with all the lack of context and amateurish line delivery of an 8 year old…
**> **
**> One of the things that makes good comedy is getting the timing right, one of the things about great comedy is getting the timing perfect, this film managed to deliver its gags (if you can call such ridiculous schoolboy humour gags) without any timing at all and the gags were too childish to be funny to adults and too filled with sexual meaning for kids to get them so I wonder who the target audience was supposed to be? **
**> **
> The effects were ridiculous, the script was ridiculous, the acting was well below par for those who took part, the direction was the only joke in this film (Except the joke at the paying audiences expense), the split screen cinematography was just bloody annoying and as for the trendy comic book images flashed up in place of action well the less said about that the better…
**> **
> All in all this film failed both as a comedy, it certainly failed as a horror, in fact the only thing it succeeded in was as a documentary on how not to make a film…


Nigella Lawson’s father was the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


check this out…cheap and kind of nice


Thanks–I actually grabbed something similar, but not recycled. It does the job and squishes down to almost nothing when not in use.




This car museum is right up the road from where I live. Pretty awesome place if you like cars.