Drivel Thread 1.0


You gotta love the Brits. I’m watching the latest Brexit debate (while still recovering from the flu, which has been with me for almost a week now). A member of Theresa May’s party just accused her of “the most shameful surrender by the UK since Singapore in 1942.” So there.


Their leaders come through better public schools than ours, so the theater of their insults is far more entertaining. They have a wonderful history of ‘debate’ in their chambers.


Good point. They remind me of the fifteen years of faculty meetings I attended. In fact, Theresa May has the perpetually disappointed look of a provost, chiding her faculty for being unreasonable, whenever she speaks to parliament.


Think of the C-SPAN ratings if American Pols had the same pedigree and skills. We get a Congressman who brings a snowball into Congress to dispute global warming and NO ONE roasts this guy???


Sad to hear that Gronk is hanging up his cleats.

Definitely the best tight end to ever play the game. When him and Brady took the field there was nobody better. He is the “other GOAT”.


Haha! I just saw this. :grin:

No, I saw what was going on but I didn’t log on because 1) I was in Hawaii and 2) Flickr and photography has been keeping me super busy lately.


This has not nearly received a sufficient amount of coverage in US news: the EU is getting rid of daylight savings time! If only the US would follow suit. Not having daylight savings time was hands down the best thing about living in Indiana until they fucked that up too.

The article has some great lines from grumpy British politicians, by the way, who would apparently argue against the EU if it could successfully legislate eternal happiness.


Trump has been quoted as considering it. I’m all for it now that I don’t have to wake up at 6:45 in the dead of winter. My cushy ass now gets up at 8.


totes jelly.

no matter the day my internal clock gets me up at 5 and i get out of bed at 5:30
my wife hates me on the weekends…so i have to quietly slip out to not wake her, go make coffee and clean or watch a documentary


Yikes! My alarm goes off loud as shit and I still don’t hear it some days!!

I’m good until 10:30 -11:00 on the weekends if Steve doesn’t wake me up sooner.


DST hits parents of young children hard. I’m still a little dazed.

I like how the EU is f*cking with the UK by making the change.


when are you and steve getting married?


Not sure, Dad.
No immediate plans. :heart:


you should register on paxam
i’ll get you that vinyl slip mat you’ve always dreamed of having!!!





Watching Brexit again today, which is always a joy. I keep waiting for a member of the Hobbit Party to get up and add their perspective.


That’s racist.


How do you know I’m not a hobbit?


Oh. Well played, Ma’am.