Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m thrilled that Stevie Yzerman is coming back to the Red Wings to be their GM!





A nice little column by Jason Isbell about fatherhood. It’s not the sort of thing that I would have expected Men’s Health to print, but then I haven’t been reading magazines at the dentist for a long time.


It’s a nice write-up but this is a really dumb sentence:

“The musician won a Grammy, but he still washes his daughter’s hair.”

The first half is in no way connected to the second. To make it clear–if I stick a mic in the face of a new grammy winner and say “you’ve just won a grammy-what’s next?” The answer (with a high statistical probability) will be “Never fucking washing my kids hair again, I’ll tell you that much.”

Who is he, fucking Beyonce? I imagine even she washes her little kids hair too.

The writer’s notion of ‘fame’ is idiotic.

So much lazy and inept writing everywhere these days.

Get off my lawn.


I hope no one here wrote that sentence, and if you did, I’m sorry.

Sorry you’re such a bad writer.


I think writers (or more likely editors) pretty much only consider what is liable to entice the fast scrollers to slow down and read a line.

“Hey, look at this! He wan a grammy and he’s still a regular guy!!!”

Writing has become CLICK HERE x100.


I agree. I have developed a deep hatred for the way headlines are written these days. They’re almost always formulaic clickbait now. It drives me insane. And yes, that headline is beyond idiotic.


It’s why I won’t work for companies to which SEO is god. I write content that is interesting and not hamstrung by stupid rules and metrics.

I’m an ‘idea man’ in an age of formulaic numbers chasers. No craft or imagination. But there are still plenty of outlets for writing where that crap isn’t needed.


My wife and I are fairly egalitarian when it comes to raising kids, we are nearly androgynous with our duties, although of course there is more invisible emotional labor that she does (e.g. planning parties, etc).

A mother on my FB feed is constantly posting articles about the invisible labor, and impossible standards for mothers, and while I agree with these articles, her marriage is holding on by a thread, and this is likely why she feels this way. Her husband doesn’t support her.

So, I tire of those kinds of articles, but I also think it’s crazy that men are given praise for doing basic parental labor like making meals, etc.


If you are a parent (regardless of sex) and you don’t wash your kid’s hair, you’re an irresponsible turd. Congratulations, Isbell, on not, erm, being a turd.

The headline runs a counter-narrative to the part in the article about how dads shouldn’t get praise for doing basic stuff.


I didn’t bother to read the story.

The headline made me skip it… and it may not have even been the writer that wrote the headline.



Had to get the Hard drive replaced in my computer today- so that was good . . . . .


Example of why I like Katy Perry–here she is at a Met Gala after party


Celine goes for the meat over the bun. Good to know.


I think we knew that just by looking at her. No carbs.


Frightening :grimacing:


The cheeseburger or the no carbs?


More like her face and her body.