Drivel Thread 1.0


Good point.


The problem with my place of employment is that every one of them is like this guy:


Most of my co-workers are in different states.

I like it that way most of the time, but sometimes I miss the banter around the water cooler.


This site has lots of live recordings for download. It’s apparently slated to end because the owner is sick:


100 percent my situation.

Lately I’ve been annoyed with Google. I watched one Tulsi Gabbard interview on “The View” and now Meghan McCain is all over my suggested articles. Tim Dillon sums up my feelings about her.



A jockey fell off one of the Preakness horses at the start but the horse went all the way around with the others. He wasn’t even in last place most of the way around. :racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:


I guess I’m a typical alkie. My back and knees have been killing me so I’ve been medicating to sleep.


So the last two months we’ve been working on our house getting it ready to sell…it sold within 20 hours of being on the market and we accepted the offer!!!
Very excited and we are under contract on a new house that we plan to renovate as well


Omg! That’s incredible. Congrats!


My mom made plans for my sister in law and my niece to go to her condo in Florida the end of June. My niece is 16 and never been more than 3 hours away from home. I’m so excited so I decided to go down there for the weekend plus Monday!! Woohoo.


That’s awesome, Balv! And that basement! Wow.



we’ve worked our butts off getting this house ready to sell.
we now have 3 back up offers!!!



Wow! I just earned a badge:

And joined a very exclusive club with only 2 devoted members!


Congrats balv!!


you’re in some good company there.


thanks inky dinky do




WHAT WAS WRONG WITH YOUR HOUSE? It looks perfect to me.