Drivel Thread 1.0


nothing was wrong. we just had to paint baseboard, move out a lot of our stuff and then stage it for buyers.

and THANK YOU ELY! :slight_smile:

having 3 back up offers is a good problem to have!!! wife and i are beaming and feel very lucky to be in that situation.

plus, we really love our house. gonna miss it.


Congrats on the sale and new house! Love the kitchen in your old one.

We got our house with acreage about a month ago, but have not had time to move and enjoy it yet. Fingers crossed we’ll have as much luck selling our old house .


What I’m saying is…why do you want to sell a house (assuming you’ve halfway paid off) , just to get into debt again with a new house?


Balvs house would go for upwards of 600k here.


Tweet of the day:


Need something bigger


i don’t see it?


that bad eh?



That’s what your wife said :wink:




So? You’re moving with them?


That’s what they have been letting him believe.


NB4 Balve? Possibly IN BALVE?!?!?!


do i wann watch that?


I believe I’ve seen you post much worse. And I know you’ve texted me much worse. Don’t act all innocent, you creepy bastard.


I laughed so much watching that video.



i didn’t say i wasn’t creepy.

just asked you assumption making mother fucker!

suck my dick!


I didn’t assume anything.


Balv, did you have anything to do with this?