Drivel Thread 1.0


that was in spain and saw that come up already in the squash reddit page.


Yeah, dude. It’s in all the squash blogs. Jeez.




you guys can fuck off!









Wasn’t me




“Accidents Happen” is a short form feature about a man who has finally found his calling; a way to help society. Albeit in a very different manner, he finds justice in his doings. James, a disgruntled man with a book shop handed down to him by his dead father, feels the need to help one of his customers by killing her abusive husband. His challenge was not actually killing him; it was how he was going to get away with it. James loves his newfound hobby of creating accidental situations, which lead to deaths. Life seemed to be getting better, until he found himself in a predicament he never saw coming… Written by



In my neighbor’s back yard these two trees grew together - one a silver maple and the other a beech tree. They are connected straight up the trunks for a long way and both are pretty healthy.


It’s a metaphor.


Exactly what I was thinking. Nature is providing an example on how to live in harmony.


They’re in love :heart_eyes:


They are like Siamese twins that can’t be separated.


They can be separated.


We got Paul Bunyan meets Dexter over here…