Drivel Thread 1.0


pretty cool


Interesting turn of events


Maybe we can get our albums resleeved. For a fee.


World Cup!





Yeah, WHY ??


We finally moved into our new house! I think it’ll be too late to get a garden in this year between unpacking and my impending nuptials.

I’m loving the quietness, and not hearing sirens going off every night. Like, I think I’ve managed to sleep for a solid 5 hours in a row without waking up since moving in. I’ve gone from being a super city dweller to a town of less than 5,000 in 3 years.

Love the new backyard. The place between the woodshed and the back fence will be our future garden, and we have bat boxes to hang on one of the bigger trees.


Also my dogs a turd who despite running like a crazy dog at my fiancé’s parents farm is hating the space.




We caught this lady trying to steal some fruit off of our trees. We think we have a pear tree (legit pear, not Bradford) and a plum and one that’s to be determined.



Why does Adam Sandler still make movies? And who watches them?


i have no idea.

that last one was fucking awful…the one w/ aniston…did not even finish it



You need more bubbles.





This Moving Day business in Montreal, and really all of Quebec is really quite insane.