Drivel Thread 1.0



Pretty damned accurate if you ask me… but the cartoonist was fired from his job for this I read.



Celebrating independence day by taking advantage of the loophole in Virginia law by smoking and drinking at my local.


Twenty years, and I still miss smoking.


Wife got a new T-shirt but doesn’t seem to want to wear it outside.


Instagram… Yet another soulless social media vacuum of cunts with nothing better to do than post photos. I tried being part of the in crowd, then realised I was a cunt who had nothing better to do than post photos, but I also couldn’t be fucking bothered to post photos. I sincerely hope that when Radiohead ARE king, I’m first against the wall. Thank you and fuck off.


Well, I have a thread full of my photos here. That’s not what makes me a soulless cunt though…


Every time you post a photo a little bit of your soul is lost?





Saw him on the news last night.
Still has a smiley face necklace though.



Surprisingly delicious cookies.
I bought them on a whim bc I like the snickerdoodles from this brand. Made them just now for the first time and they’re really good.




I call this photo the sword of Damocles.


#1 & #7


Love Yas.


Luna’s class celebrated 100 days of Prep today and they had to dress up to look 100 years old :grin: I think my wife did a good job !!


Perfect job. So cute. :two_hearts: