Drivel Thread 1.0


Don’t they got a filter for that now?


Yes but is sucks in your soul, and sells it to communists.


Her expressions make it. Great job all around!



My friend at work is having some renovations done on her house and today the men dry walled the cat inside the wall. :cat2:

Her husband busted her out though and she’s fine now. Said he made a hole and she popped her head right through meowing.


Serva me


Maybe she was chasing a mouse? Didn’t Jerry from the Tom and Jerry cartoons have a pretty nice place inside the wall?



My cousin is turning 40 this week and his wife threw him a phish/hippie themed party. His grandma, my Aunt Evie got in on the fun. She’s 90!


looks good for 90!


When one of those MAGA fans was mixing up his your and you’re on Twitter, someone posted this. :+1:t2:


So my cousin flew in from Albuquerque with her family for a memorial they planned for my Aunt’s passing…

Aunt Ann’s last wish was to have her ashes dumped in Lake Michigan off the pier in South Haven. We got up early (it’s a 45 minute drive from here) to meet there at 8 AM. It is illegal to dump ashes, and there were many warnings asking people to not go out on the pier. Many people have been swept off by waves. On Saturday when we were out there waves were crashing over the pier. I was terrified and turned into my mom, constantly warning them to be careful and move back.

We did our thing, without incident then watched the police close down the beach with red flags on the hottest weekend day we’ve had all year!


Having the TV in the hotel stuck on Fox News is my definition of hell.















People that drink that fragrant camel piss need to be lined up and executed.