Drivel Thread 1.0


I’ll drink to that, Monkey :slight_smile:


I believe we are probably a year or less away from some serious repercussions for the whole country because of the massive increase of white supremacy issues in 2019. Our President is basically encouraging hate crimes and demeaning and belittling people of color.

4 GOP Senators have announced their retirement in as many days. Will Hurd, the only black Republican Senator, is among those retiring. A handful of GOP Senators, including Ted Cruz, have called the mass shootings over the weekend acts of urban terror. Rep. John McCollister of Nebraska condemned his party for “enabling white supremacy in our country.”

We are starting to see the rats leave the ship but is it too little too late? I would love to think the current exodus of ideology and party will keep going with great speed and fervor and quite possibly force change in policy and the GOP altogether.

I don’t know what’s coming around the corner but I do believe we are at a crucial mass kind of state with our current government. Maybe we’re at a point where congress doesn’t have any choice but to do the right thing for a change, even if it’s only to save their own assess and secure their office for another term or two.


Slowly and painfully Sam, slowly and painfully.


I think Trump keeps his election strategy simple. There are more whites in the country and voting, so his concern is only about getting those votes. Trump is also a TV ratings guy and Fox has been dominating CNN and MSNBC for a long time.


vote in a libertarian.



Stop it. Nobody’s gonna do that.



Call me transphobic, but I’m not voting for Rupaul.




I’ve heard this joke many times, but it still gets me.


fuck all that.

i voted gary johnson last time. you can’t tell me he wouldn’t have been better than sanders, clinton or trump?

i mean hindsight being 20/100


Yeah, I probably made it more than once at the .org. Sorry.


I think independents need to hold more local/state offices, display their successes with alternative viewpoints/policies, and then shoot for larger offices, like the POTUS.

But I also think you shouldn’t have incremental solutions to catastrophic problems (the two party system), so I guess I’m conflicted.

I’ve missed your sense of humor, @mutineer


I think Bill Weld would have been better than all of them and the Independent party should have run with the ticket flipped. Problematic, I know, because Weld is Republican.


Jason Isbell news



and gary johnson had some problematic ideas too…but most was a step in a different direction

but whatever


Yeah. It looks like Isbell has the day off and he’s not fucking around.


Didn’t he forget some key information about his home state and some of his of plans?


Look, @thebalvenie, you know I want nothing more than to carry your libertarian babies, but to me it’s a philosophy that best fits being in your twenties and thinking you have the answer for everything: “no, dude, don’t you see, the government IS the problem.” I often say that having had an ill child has beaten all libertarianism out of me.

Oh, and, @Ely_Plains, not sure if posted this on the .org, but it fits:



Again, this is funny.


Some Libertarian thought seems WAY more idealistic than the most AOC woke-Guevaran. I remember hearing about how there shouldn’t be regulatory agencies for hospitals because the market will correct any hospitals who perform poorly.