Drivel Thread 1.0


Right, especially when libertarian principles are extended to things like healthcare, I worry.

I always thought it was telling that shortly after 9/11 all private airport security firms were nationalized. I don’t recall much concern over that. But, man, all the Kenyan death panels that were going to get us…


So this guy is a local child molester convicted of molesting two boys. Look at his shirt. Jeez.


It seems like the splooge on the shirt should have been a warning.


And yet, it doesn’t seem like the worst that could have come from that bus.


Right? THey could have been at a Dave Matthews concert.


Again? Or this is the one for like 8 years ago?

Ah, OK, just read it. Just a makeshift memorial plaque. Oddly, the article was written by Dave Matthews (no relation.)



We got one of those summertime storms that popped up seemingly out of nowhere yesterday. It was hailing like crazy and raining and flooding everywhere. This photo, of the accumulation of hail was taken about three miles from my house. In the other direction only a few miles away they didn’t get a drop of rain.



Omg. Monumental day!!!


Looks good. He probably lost 7-10 pounds.


Honestly, he looks better than he has in years here



I’m a rhino then.






This was the downtown Kalamazoo I loved.


Man, life is good even when it’s bad. I’m getting by. Paying them bills. Getting in some quality minutes with the boy.

Life is a huge struggle right now but I’ve got this.





We are here for you too, Monk. Stay afloat!