Drivel Thread 1.0


You alright? Text me tomorrow if you need to talk


Fuck Ryan Adams, but…

I ain’t got nothing but love for Y’ALL now.


If i am a stranger…


So, yeah…campus report. Fanny packs are ubiquitous on incoming freshman women.


I noted to someone this morning that 80% of freshman appeared to have earbuds in. at all times…


My 16 year old niece leaves her’s in at all times.
I don’t get it.


My dog is so petrified of storms he had me up from 3:00 - 5:15 am today. Then I got up at 6:15. I love him so much but this nonsense has got to stop!


My cat brings its kills into our bedroom if we are sleeping. This morning my wife woke up to a hubub, and the cat had a snake. It was only about 15 inches long. Wife killed it with a slipper. Cat howled.


We once had a rattlesnake somehow enter one of my neighbor’s houses. It was about 18" long and scared a little 2-year-old girl who got up on her bed and screamed. Her mom called the Sheriff who came over and killed it with his billy club.

There was a minor uproar about the killing of an “innocent snake”.




F that.


and that.


My husband told me when he was a kid growing up in the desert he came home one day to find a rattlesnake coiled up on his front porch. He ran around to the back…where there was a rattlesnake coiled up on the back porch. No thanks.



but I like tea


My friend Becky is an animator and did this test. She’s now a lead animator on Abby Hatcher.



Stealing this!


This is amazing. Put your sound on: