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This weekend is the 50th Anniversary Texas International Pop Festival here in Lewisville, Tx. I live right next door to the golf course where the events will be taking place over the weekend from 3pm - 11:30pm on Saturday & Sunday. I was -2 years old when the original festival took place and I was never a fan of any of the performers. It’s going to be a chaotic cluster fuck and I’m not happy. Oh, and, btw, ZZ Top is one of the bigger draws for the festival this year. I saw them 2 months ago and the sounded like shit.


Too bad about ZZ Top. Chicago? awesome.:smirk:


He was an impersonator unfortunately. Still love her response.







My friend is at Glacier National Park. She said it is so beautiful it ruins all other National Parks…

I don’t know about that, but after seeing the pictures she shared after they took a 5 mile hike up in the mountains to a lake, I can’t disagree.


aww. happy for her and for anyone that gets to go there. it isn’t to be missed.



Needs an edit.


looks like hidden lake
that’s a great hike…but there isn’t really a bad hike in all of glacier.

my bro and i were fortunate enough to have a dad w/ ADD and he would take us on a new hike or hikes every weekend. i hated him at the time, but of all the gifts he given me, the love for outdoors and hiking was the best.


You are a lucky man to have walked many trails.


if you ever wanna fly to montana for a labor day weekend, you can come w/ confidence that’ll give you a guided trip into the woods…w/ beer and laughs and fishing :slight_smile:
you just get to butte and i’ll do the rest


I would love to do a trip like that someday.

Thanks for the offer!

My ever-expanding bucket list awaits.


I still want to come up there and bludgeon an elk with a mallet.


offer is always open!
you saw those pics from last weekend :slight_smile:




And come say hi to your mom, of course.




“You just get to butte and i’ll do the rest”

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