Drivel Thread 1.0


I’ve never drank a Gatorade in my life. Or a Red Bull.


I’ve tried them both once and wished I hadn’t.







I’m still not convinced she’s not actually Stephen Merchant having us on.







Uh, I don’t think that helps…



Is she Ukrainian?


Yes, and her safe word is “CornPop”


The state is spraying for mosquitos carrying the Eastern equine encephalitis virus in our area. This has caused a bit of a controversy here. Michigan just had the 4th casualty for this disease the other day and they are hoping spraying will kill the mosquito population. We’ve had some colder weather so people are hoping the problem will take care of itself without the spraying. The organic spray is said to contain a very small amount of a chemical that could be toxic to our fragile bee population. People are a bit confused about the dangers, certainly in part due to the scare notices people are putting up with false information on FB… as well as the local news outlets amping up the debate for viewership.



i don’t trust that shit at all.




Ugh. Finn has his yearly echocardiogram today. I can’t believe I am now doing this alone. To make matters worse, it’s in the building my wife worked in and where she first told me she has cancer. I am already one Xanax in. My nerves are shot and I couldn’t sleep at all last night


He needs you to be strong, and you will be.

You are a good man, Nick.