Drivel Thread 1.0



Did you go?


It’s my annual get together. It’ll be on the 8th of november this year. :slight_smile:


Ok, Raccoon Dave! I’ll see you there.


I have a thing that day.


but that van!


You mean a thang?


Do you see other people throughout the year?



I try not too. It’s my way to outrovert and see people I avoid the rest of the year. Nothing wrong w/ any of these people. I just don’t like people in general.


Respek. The get together seemed mildly out of character. I’m intrigued by the idea of binging once a year socially and then going back to solititude. Probably not a good fit for me (an ambivert), but I like people who know themselves.

@highlife - I love fishing, so relaxing, centering, etc. I was a hardcore angler from about 12-15 and I STILL think about those times.


Just waiting for Balv to fill us in on the hipster influx at his local stream.


It’s weird when the “edgy, new” thing is to go out in nature.


The Orvis, Simms and Patagonia hatch are in full bloom right now


These guys look like hipsters with their pipes and shades.



And that handmade vintage wooden boat.


I know, and it looks like the classic Evenrude too.



Tamales with ghost peppers?


Total bullshit. No one ever helps make tamales.