Drivel Thread 1.0


Don’t we all?


Well, then you’d be in Russia. And be a woman in Russia. Think I’d rather be a milk cow in France.


Give me some milk, or else go home!




Just bought myself this for Christmas:


This is incredible. Must watch on high def tv. Just stunning landscapes and incredible sports skills set to Grateful Dead music.

Watch even if you don’t like the Music:


This is Julius, my new roommate.


Yay! Congrats!! He’s adorable.


Doctor J


Hell yeah. He’s a beast.


:pensive: wonder where she went? It’s been over two years.


Don’t know but if she comes back to ask for help with her GoFundMe campaign then she can go fuck way off.


She would never.


@LBSUNFLWR Bet you’re watching basketball right now…


Bet I’m sad now too.

The guy they call our best player, who usually scores 20 points a game, had an off night and did next to nothing. We also didn’t hit most of our free throws, which is unusual.

Kentucky also lost their last two games so they were in need of a win, and it was in their house…but I’m mad/sad/disappointed.


No Depression artists of the decade: Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Chris Thile, and Rhiannon Giddens.



Turns out I have a good friend that is an anti-vaxxer parent. Considering who it is, I want to be surprised but I’m not.


I guess we all have stories about this sort of thing. I know I do.