Drivel Thread 1.0


I was unsure too…

I prefer Mary Ann to Ginger.


I was unsure too but would guess Top left? Blonde in front?


I’m glad you said it


3 out of 5 Beat Chicks are really pretty. Can I guess the first one on the left is the mom?


They were managed by Ike Turner.


Okay, you got me. Beauty is subjective. She’s on the bottom right.


Ah ha!

Behold Mary Ann!


I watched the Grammy award show-against my better judgement last night.

It was disgusting. I waited until 11:00 for Bonnie Raitt singing John Prine’s Angel From Montgomery. Then said forget it and went to bed. I figured they’d manage to fuck that up too since they have an exhaustive history of screwing everything up.

Sure enough, she only sang a third of the song and pointed him out in the crowd and that was it.

But the rest of that show is so nauseating, good music is out of place. I guess she needed 30 dancers and a stripper pole if she wanted to get anyone’s attention.

Most of those acts are embarrassingly bad in my opinion (see Aerosmith).


She looks like a mix of Jennifer Lawrence and Rashida Jones.


And Jennifer Lawrence looks like Lightning McQueen.


When I knew her she was in her late 50’s and looked pretty much the same. A little daunting when your boyfriend’s mom is hotter than you.



That reminds me of this song, which I was listening to the other day.



It’s interesting how larger eyes make people cuter, more sympathetic.

I’m refraining from making a joke involving fender benders.


When I was growing up my dad used to refer to the music that my brother and I listened to as “Fools Music”.

I thought it was funny at the time and he was only half serious… I was very fortunate that both my parents were teachers and didn’t force us to act or look a certain way for them, they always encouraged us to learn and grow. I was very lucky.

Having said that I feel like most of this damn noise that they call popular music is Fools Music.

I know, I’m old.


I mainly listen to older music but I think rap/hip hop is the most progressive genre out there and has been for some time. It takes getting used to if your ears are used to natural instruments. We were playing a Rihanna album in the car on our road trip to San Diego with my band and I thought my drummer was going to die. He couldn’t deal with all the samples and electronics.


It’s been about 40 years since I’ve listened to hip hop/rap music.

Grandmaster Flash - The Message is the first “rap” song I remember hearing, and I liked it. But I haven’t heard one song since then that I really wanted to listen to… and I consider myself somebody that likes a fairly wide range of music. It just always comes off as people yelling into a mic to me.

To your point, it is probably one of the the most progressive genres out there.


My mom is in Florida for the winter. She sent a picture with her friends eating dinner outside on this “chilly” night. They all have sweaters and jackets on.

I had to look up the “chilly” weather: 65.


Jealous. We haven’t seen the sun here for days. Got up to 32 today! Snowing now. beginning to wonder if the will sun ever shine again…