Drivel Thread 1.0


Just found I still have a bunch of my old Hot Wheels cars. My grandson will appreciate these some day.



Early flight to San Antonio to see the inlaws. If I’m awake tonight, we might drive to Luckenbach to see Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison.


We drove to Luckenbach. A real treat. Cowboys dancing in the old hall in the Texas Hill Country. A cool evening with the windows open. Almost ran over a feral hog on the way there.

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison were fantastic as always. They played Angry All The Time and Traveling Soldier. They’re pedal steel player is fantastic. His name is Geoff Queen. He’s played with Hayes Carll too.


I wish ultraviolet was around here more often… I miss her contributions.

Come back UV!!!


I’ll take San Antonio over Austin any day.



Anyone who guesses all 5 gets a prize!


5 for me…guess mine?


Been in limo?


Of course!




Been on TV
Had a 1 night stand
Gotten a tattoo
Been arrested
Been skydiving


I’ve been arrested
No one night stands


Tell us more!


So I got 4 out of five?
I’d say I know you pretty well.


Vandalism and stole my all-star baseball coach’s car
In high school


Yeah :slight_smile:


7 but I was raised with Catholic guilt. And no fucking way am I going on a cruise.

8, actually.


Not into self mutilation or thrill seeking.


fuck cruises. i’d rather give donald trump a sponge bath.

  1. I’m clearly a boring person.