Drivel Thread 1.0


I’m a 9. Probably an 8 because a peircing isn’t a thing.


Wait, @Ely_Plains, I didn’t see

  1. Been a grammar Nazi.

Oh, but it’s still 11. Never mind.


4, but my motto is ‘sure.’





I LOVE this. It’s so perfect.




Well, that just gives the Don a scapegoat.



What’s the over/under of people here being in trouble with face masks?


We’re a surprisingly clean shaven bunch, mostly.


I have a beard, but as I said, I’m forever worrying that @WillieCash thinks I have pubes in my face.


In case anyone needs instructions:
Wash your hands


I keep a light beard (basically the closest shave setting on an electric razor)

I just got back from Philadelphia for an invited talk about my work; I am usually rather cautious about staying clean in airports since I seem to always get a cold coming home. This time around, I was more on top of it than usual:

  • ideally I avoid the bathroom as much as possible, but if I need to, use the ones in the airport, which I feel I have better control over staying clean in compared to on the airplane, because of their very restricted space + terribly-designed sinks that you must touch after washing your hands (plus those trap door things for the paper towels).

  • this time I also decided against any complementary snacks or beverages to reduce contact,

  • avoiding touching my face unless absolutely necessary (e.g., an itch that just won’t stop)

  • and the usual bottle of purell in the bag for use after going through the magnetometers.

Clearly I have germaphobe tendencies, but I’m counting it as a plus in this situation.

I’m supposed to have a big work meeting in March (we’re an international group), and I’m considering discussing with others in our management team about making it remote instead. Also considering cancelling a work trip to DC in April.


Oh you have pubes on your face… ever since you learned to deep throat…

Hey, Oh!


It’s hard to post here if you have a gag reflex.


A mass, albeit, selective decimation of Metrosexuals…(if that’s still the politically correct term)


If you have to ask, then the answer is always no.