Drivel Thread 1.0




We’re getting ducks! We went to our local farm supply store over the weekend and had the same conversation we did last year about whether or not we should get chickens or ducks. Decided on ducks since they’re not complete idiots!

My husband will build the house and pen for them to be in at night (latched duck house to keep them safe) and then There fenced in area with fencing over it to keep out hawks and other predators. When we’re home they should be able to hang out in the yard yard until bed time, or head down to our creek for a dip (if they prefer it to their baby pool).

We’re ordering ours from Metzer farms instead of from our farm store to ensure we have the correct ratio (1 male/6 females). No one wants male ducks, and I can’t eat my pet.

We’ll be getting a combo of Welsh Harlequins and Silver Appleyards.


Need pics! :duck: :slight_smile:


This is the guy that was working the front desk at a hotel in Cincinnati. This is Ross if Rachel didn’t get off the plane.


Never mind.


Leo, my three year old, fractured his tibia at Sky Zone on Saturday. He’s in a splint. He has a CT scan today to see if surgery is required. He has to stay off of it for at least three weeks. That’s not fun for a toddler.


so you know…duck goes well with roasted rabbit and merlot


Yow, hope he does well with the splint… but at that age it likely won’t slow him down much.


Spot-on description. He must get Ross comparisons a lot.


You need to get him in a safer activity, like MMA.


No joke! Everyone at the ortho said they hate that place. They get kids in there weekly.


Sounds like he was getting radical. I hope that little dude feels better soon.


My ex wife is trying to set me up with a friend of hers who is a hospice nurse. My age, never been married and never been in a long term relationship. I told my ex I would go on one date with the woman if she, in turn, didn’t try to set me up with anyone again.


This has red flag all over it.


Take her to woods and sharpen your knives in front of her?


Powerful stuff. These kinds of lyrics read like a Rodney Dangerfield/Nick Cave mashup.


What sort of euphemism is that?


I don’t think it was? :smiley: