Drivel Thread 1.0


Omg. Congratulations!
What are their names? :hatched_chick:


How do you get ducks in the mail?


They mail em

I’ve gotten bees and chickens in the mail before


Unnamed for the time being. We’re giving it a few days to make sure they all make it.

The welshies are also really hard to tell apart right now.

And yep! What balv said. We ordered from Metzer farms for a specific hatch date for the breeds we wanted and 2 days after they hatched we got a call from the post office saying they were there! I don’t know about chickens, but ducks don’t eat for the first couple of days because they’re still absorbing their yolk.

We brought the dog into the garage On his leash. He only let out one bark and spent the rest of his time wagging his tale, staring intensely and then whining when he realized he couldn’t get close to them. IM not so worried about him attacking them (he doesn’t seem to have a prey drive) but I do worry about him trying to play with them.


We had to put one of our cats down today. She was only 10 months. We learned from the vet that in Missouri there’s a disease that can spread via ticks from bobcat to house cat. And if a house cat can get it it’s deadly.

We’ve heard bobcats before, we just didn’t realize they were that close.



Oh, so sorry to her that Lacey.


So sorry, Lacey. :cry:


Here’s some duckling cuteness in case anyone wants some in this crappy time.


They look delicious.


i agree. they’ll pair really well with those bunnies.


They’re adorable! :hatched_chick::heart:


Speaking of ducklings…I’ve been reading this story quite a bit lately.


It’s one of our favorites.


Jason and Amanda will be on the food network, Trishas Southern Kitchen, at noon today if you’re interested. He posted about it last night. They’re going to cook and play a song.


I remember when those four students were shot at Kent State back in 1970. I was 12 years old and it made a big impression on me. I remember being a McGovern supporter in '68 - a 10-year-old and being against the war… which wasn’t necessarily a popular thing to be at the time. When these shootings occurred I was convinced our government wasn’t on my side. My parents were both teachers and they supported free thinking, for that I am eternally grateful. There was a divide in the USA at that time and a neighbor of mine almost got into a fist fight over another neighborhood teen who had a small flag sewn as a patch on the butt of his jeans.

The country was divided pretty distinctly back then - for and against the war. Today the divide is much greater in my opinion.






What else is there to do in Peoria?


my kind of mother!!!