Drivel Thread 1.0


They must be. We don’t go into the treed area very much, but we probably need to just spray our fenced part of the yard and brush with permethrin. This will have taken both cats in 6-weeks. We were using frontline plus for flea & tick once we realized the Chesterin was flea only. I still found a tick on her so switched her to a sesestro collar that’s supposed to repel them. I guess it was too late.

We’ll have to make sure my husbands kids don’t leave the yard since they’re so bad. I didn’t even think about us watching out for Lyme.


I’m sorry, Lacey.




I’ve done this

But it was Bradley cooper playing maybe it’s time

I spent 100 bucks


Reminds me of this…


I used to play Mountain Jam on the jukebox at our local bar. It’s like 45 minutes long and I’d be assured of hearing good music for a while.


Mulaney plays a funny character on season 2 of Difficult People on Hulu.

Anyone watching that show besides me?


My friend and I used to load the jukebox with When the Levee Breaks.


I haven’t watched it yet, but I have been told I need to.


I could watch Haka videos for hours.




I watched a bit of the Garth Brooks thing on Netflix last night.

It is pretty good and they talk about his relationship with his mom quite a bit.

My friend’s mom somehow ended up having a lot of correspondence with Garth’s mom back in the nineties. His mom mentioned that Garth loves John Wayne, and so my friend did a really nice charcoal drawing portrait of John Wayne and sent it to him via his mom. He loved the drawing and sent back a couple of polaroids of him looking at the drawing. Sadly both my friend’s mom and Garth’s mom both passed away from cancer several years ago. I had forgotten about that drawing he did back then.



Our daughter turned 17 on Saturday. We got her a car for her birthday (with my Mom’s help) and she got her first job offer today. Life comes fast.



One of my favorite sketches…




OK. Is anyone else watching Difficult People on Hulu?

Hint. You should be. Don’t let’s turn this into a Fleabag thing…