Drivel Thread 1.0


He looks like he’s made of marshmallows and sweet sweet lovin’.


Best post ever.


Always had a soft spot for Jettas.


It’s Lux Mejeur compared to anything I’ve had before. And it’ll probably be my son’s first car in 3 or 4 years.



96 degrees and steamy in Louisville today.
106 with the heat index. Ouch. 🥵


Too hot to post.


I ripped up all the carpet in my basement - The Bergatorium - yesterday.

Quite a job since it involved moving everything out of a 900 sq. foot room. It is our band practice space (as if) and was full of gear and equipment so we could record. Many wires, monitors, amps, mics, keyboards, drums and guitars. A full size slate top pool table and stereo with hundreds of CDs.

It was a big job, and depressing as hell because I’m realizing that we’ll never get back to what we were - not really a gigging band much, but a group of great friends that just loved to get together to play music together.

I’m going to set everything back up when the new carpet down, but I know it will never be the same. We’ve been in denial for sure… John the drummer lives in Montreal now and Joe the keyboard player has been in Chicago for a while. Dan our singer and songwriter lives here, but he’s 72 and has lost some of his motivation.

Sorry for the long ramble…it is exciting to fix it up, but depressing at the same time.


Is that a Viper?


That’s my baby, an Ovation Viper from around ‘78. It’s my first guitar, I bought it in 1983.

My other electrics hanging on the wall are a Heritage 535 and a mid-90s G&L Legacy.


Looks like a great jam room. Hope you can find some more folks to play with.




I used to do a lot of advertising work for Tony’s parent company and we designed and built a bunch of really swell kids websites. They often featured addicting games and activities for kids… then (to their credit) they stopped marketing targeted to kids before a mandate was issued to all brands.

Those games were fun projects though.


Marshmallows, sweet sweet lovin, and everything under the sun. Interesting though that he was called a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix and he’s 0% of either!!!


This is Gary. I realized Julius needed a companion.


Congrats!! He’s adorable.


Have you taken him to a vet?

He seems blurry.


He was adopted on Saturday. The animal services people say he’s 5 months old be he is likely only 3 months old. He’s tiny and weighs less than 16 ounces. I will schedule something in the next month to get him vaccinated and fixed.


I like this: