Drivel Thread 1.0


i love that!


John Barlow was Bob Weir’s writing partner.


Two people I work with , one 27 and one 23, have never seen some very significant movies. I’m starting to give them DVDs to borrow.

Last night one watched The Breakfast Club and one watched Sixteen Candles.

Can you imagine watching The Breakfast Club for the first time??


This morning I wrote out the last check to pay off my student loans!! What a wonderful feeling.

I graduated college in 1997.


Congratulations LB!! That has to feel great.


Just think of all the extra money you’ll have for activities!


Good one!


We added some more critters! We adopted a bonded pair of kittens from the shelter. They were our Feral clearance Covid kittens (didn’t realize they were crazy cheap; but the shelter left out the upper respiratory infection one had until we picked up). After our other 2 getting sick these guys are not going outside, so thankfully we were able to get them “tamed”.

Roscoe & Boscoe the pirate (he steals food, hair ties and anything small that seems like a “trinket”. My dog flat out refuses to stay inside anymore, so they’re my company keepers since I will not be going into the office at all in 2020.


We also got 26 Coturnix Quail from some friends that hatched their eggs. We’re planning on keeping some for eggs, eating some of the males, then hatching for meat/eggs. It’ll be a first step to determine if we want to let our ducks brood and hatch out ducklings (we’d have to eat the males as too many males can end up with dead females).

Hope that doesn’t make us seem heartless! We eat meat, our ducks are spoiled, and based on the moveable house/pen the quail will have they will be too (although they cannot free range like ducks since they’ll all fly off and either starve or get eaten by a predator). We really can’t get much more free range and knowing where our food comes from than that. My husbands a hunter, so we do end up eating a lot of deer, turkey, and fish as well.


Those kittens are so cute!! Congratulations!! :heart:


OUTSTANDING. It’s unfortunate that the only way to celebrate during this plague is maybe doing takeout in your favorite park, which is still nice.


Definitely! We have been getting takeout at home at least two nights a week still. I can’t stand the thought of more restaurants closing. One of my favorite places shut their doors a few weeks ago.

I’m saving lots of money from not buying concert tickets alone. But I’d rather have the experience of the shows over the money any day.


Ah, that reminds me of home:


Do we have any boat owners on here? What brand/style do you have?

My husband and I have been planning on getting one (decided pre-Covid, but had just bought a house and had a wedding last summer so decided to wait until this year), and are deciding what to get. We’re thinking pontoon - we won’t be doing any water sports, mostly fishing, swimming and cruising.

Used ones are being sold for obscene amounts (we cannot find a decent used one less than 20-30 years In our cash budget of $10k), and we realized we can get a Sun Tracker smaller fishing pontoon (9-seater) for low-20s with a 10-year warranty on the engine in the event it fails.

This is my husbands law school student loans are paid off gift to ourselves.


We bought this old pontoon boat a couple years ago. It’s a pretty well-built old beater, with an aluminum deck. The motor is a Johnson 25 hp, 2-stroke and it is pretty loud. 4-stroke motors are much quieter and you don’t need to mess with mixing oil into your gas.


It’s nickname is Startsandfloats, but sometimes it doesn’t live up to it.


Nice! I know we’ve been looking at at least a 60hp four stroke if new, but less on an older engine should work on our small lake.

Do you use it as much as you’ve expected to? While we think we’d use it quite a bit, we also have a fear we’d get one and only end up taking it out a couple times a year. Right now, we go down to the lake and have enough to feel like it’s justified.

Our other question is whether or not we should store it in water at the marina or find covered storage near the lake. We can’t tow both the camper and the boat, so one would need to stay down there.


Yeah, our lake is pretty small, so we putz around a little bit but mostly just drop anchor and sit in the sun or tie up with our friend’s and neighbor’s boats. We haven’t used it too much this year because we got a late start and then the battery died and I had to replace that. We went the whole month of July with only using it once… we’ve been too busy with home projects.


Pontoons all the way :slight_smile:


It’s deader than a door nail around here.


Well, we found a beater pontoon for cheap ($3k). 75 HP Yamaha, no soft spots on the floor, 24ft and the pontoons are in great shape. Needs new carpet and one bench needs reupholstered but for the cost and shape of the trailer it seems worth it!

One of the trailer lights was burned out, so we didn’t want to bring it home in the dark without it. They offered to meet us on the water Saturday with it. We ended up having some people in common with the sellers and visited with them for a good hour and they were inundated with messages about it. I guess they just didn’t want to deal and we’re okay with waiting until Saturday.

If we can get next summer out of it to purchase the model we’d truly want winter of 2021 it’ll have been worth it.