Drivel Thread 1.0




It won’t be official until Saturday - but I have big plans on some sunny lake naps once it’s officially ours!


I think possibly the most useless innovation of our time is the resealable bag of socks.


This kid from Kalamazoo has become a bit of a local hero…


Damn, why didn’t the mother jump?!?

I know I shouldn’t bring this up.


Dis place lately



after 25 years with the same trout fly rod…i’m looking at the Scott Radian in a 5wt 9 footer…

came across this review:

Money is not the wind!
2 years ago
It’s a great rod. Rod is not for beginners. To buy they can, but the enjoyment you have when you know exactly what you are doing. Had the good fortune to hunt (5wt) for 2 weeks, it was unforgettable time. I’m not a big wizard casts, but I was getting pleasure feeling the rod in his hands!


Sounds like good buy with enjoyment you have feeling the rod in his hands.


Sounds like you have got just the right rod In your hand, Rod.


I did not know Yoda was a fly fisher.


Dear Penthouse: I never thought that I would be writing this…


My fan base is growing!!!




That was supposed to be a heart. Whatever.


I thought you were saying his fan base is < 3.




That’s really sweet. :heart:


Normally people don’t write anything unless they have something to bitch about.