Drivel Thread 1.0


you wanna see the letters i call the “Betsy Allen Sessions”?


Only if you have soundboard recordings.


So my friend just joined an axe throwing league on the patio of one of the local brewpubs.


Eagerly awaiting the punch line.



What could go wrong?


Who had Jerry Falwell Jr on their “most likely to fall on their face drunk after a sex scandal” list? Oh, that’s right, we all did.



Interview with John Cleese, about Graham Chapman:

People said we were anti-authoritarian. I think the truth is we were anti-bad-authority. I mean, you have to have authority. You can’t just dispense with traffic lights.



Happy International Safe Abortion Day!




Did someone remember to wake Green Day up?


It’s October, time for the real craziness to start rolling out.

I’m pretty old, but I fully expect this to be the wildest, stupidest month of my life… Only to be topped by November when it rolls along.


My great uncle Alvin who’s nickname was Heinie played football and baseball at Notre Dame. He went to school there from 1912 - 1915 I believe. He was actually a teammate of Knute Rockne when he was a player. I found some record of his playing there and did a search on their photography database and found a bunch of photos of him. Here is a couple of him in his uniform and a team photo with him and Knute Rockne.


This is cool. If you want to check the years that he attended, back then students were listed in the annual university catalog. The Notre Dame catalogs are archived here until 1914:

He’s listed in the 1915 commencement program:


What’s a decent, mid-range sleeping bag?


We’re in Virginia and probably not going winter camping.

It’s Amazon prime day and I figure I’d buy two for adults, two for kids. Holla at me, Balvert or others!


Without a doubt
Hike and Byke

I have 4
And the zero degree bag kept me warm at -9 F


That’s great. I was checking out some of those documents and saw he graduated in philosophy. That’s funny… he was a great guy, but he died when I was pretty young. I was a pall bearer at his funeral when I was maybe 10.