Drivel Thread 1.0


Congrats Lacey!! need a picture of his face! :dog2:




I’ll tell Waves, but he probably “doesn’t have time” to swing by.


lil Ham is cute!

is that vicious pit bull mix?



i like how even you make him sound like snob!!!


Ham is adorable!! you should get another puppy and name it Green Eggs.



Lol! We share a Netflix account… I know if he’s been binge watching!

And there’s probably some pitbull in there. The vet definitely saw the boxer, but would be surprised at a lab, although he does have the webbed lab feet. He’s a shelter pup, so his origins are mostly a mystery. He’s a little shit right now though! Antler pieces have helped with the chewing on people/things and he took to crate training super easily. So now its potty training and biting that we’re working on. A lot of what I read said that’s just how it is until he’s closer to 12 weeks


Ohhhh! Maybe! In the future! I cannot handle 3 dogs!


Grizz and Dutchie.
Grizz in Bengals jersey.


I know Grizz is part golden, but is there some great Pyrenees’s in there as well?

The cat does not look happy!


Ha, she is happy. She’s a really sweet cat, but she does look very serious in that pic.
They called him a Golden/Border Collie. But I think Grizz is mixed with something tall bc he has very long legs.
Maybe Pyrenees but he’s not as big as they are.
I think it could be this: Saluki


Never heard of that breed, but I can see it! Your dog is super cute!


Thank you! I like to watch the dog show on Thanksgiving, that’s how I heard of them. I have never seen one.
Borzoi, Afghan Hound and Saluki all have a similar look that I think he could be mixed with…but none of them are very common so I don’t know how likely that is. I want to get the DNA test done someday!


Oh one of my good friends has always grown up with afghans. They’re very similar to their breed you just posted a pic with, but they have long hair.

I missed Buddy’s category of the dog show on thanksgiving :confused: it’s recorded though! I have to see the golden retriever contestant!


So this is the new spot.


Glad you made it, bub.


Thanks for the prompt Monkey.


I was gonna email you if you didn’t show up! :slight_smile:



That’s great.