Drivel Thread 1.0


Juicing gives me the squirts.




Didn’t they suspect Sammy Sosa of juicing?




Steve bought a juicer a few months ago. It works well. I’m not into juice.

Give me coffee!



My pregnant daughter is in the hospital waiting for them to induce her in the morning.

It will be my second grandchild, a daughter this time.

I’m much more nervous about it this time. She has had elevated blood pressure.


Aww. Good luck to her and congratulations! :two_hearts:


Good luck, Dougo! Will we get pics?


Wait, you WANT to see baby pictures?

Actually we just got a call that they are letting her go home to get some rest… she only got one hour of sleep last night and she needs more strength than that to go through labor. My guess is that they’ll induce her today/tonight some time.


Our little granddaughter arrived about an hour ago!

We think her name is Haven Marie, but not sure of any details… we aren’t allowed at the hospital because of Covid.


Congratulations to you and your family, Dougo! She is precious. :heart:


Lookit da bebe!


Amazing! Congratulations! :two_hearts:


Beautiful, Dougo! Congrats!


So precious :sparkling_heart:


My sweet granddaughter has a congenital heart defect, and is on her way to Mott children’s hospital in Ann Arbor. She will require open heart surgery in a few days to repair a transposition of the great arteries. Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers if you are so inclined.


Love ya, kid. Good vibes transmitted.


Love to you and yours, Dougo.


Love to you and your new granddaughter, please keep us posted. :heart_decoration: