Drivel Thread 1.0


Thinking about you and your family.


congrats dougo!!!


My granddaughter had a heart catheter procedure today and did just fine. Her open heart surgery will be Thursday or later this week we believe.


Thanks for the update Dougo. Hoping for more good news to come.


much love your way dougo. hugs too buddy.


Fingers crossed here for you Dougo, my little niece had a hole in her heart on birth. Tricky first few months but she’s now 3 and an absolute terror just like any kid that age should be!


She has a hole in her heart as well, but for now that is actually helping to oxygenate her blood. They will close that up also as part of her surgery. Looks like it will be tomorrow starting at 8 AM and last all day.


Bless her, sending good vibes her way man.


My granddaughter Haven Marie made it through her surgery today. My daughter was able to see her in recovery, and she is stable. The next few days will be up and down, but the doctors are confident for a full recovery.

The doctors at C.F. Mott Children’s hospital are tremendous.


Amazing! 🥰


Glad to hear.:heart:


Sorry I am just seeing all of this Dougo! I’m glad surgery went well!


Great prognosis! What college is she going to go to? Has she chosen a pre-school yet?


Web schooling our kids is brutal.

With math, I’ve gone from saying, "We’ve talked about this 10 times, show your work!!“
"It’s OK to cry, I cry sometimes too.”


I feel for folks with young kids. Ours is a senior and we’re just like “hang on and act like you give a shit”


I found out that I’m a mushroom hunter.



same and my middle school kid is just not liking this shit at all.

my high schooler is loving not going to a building full of obnoxious basic bitches.




Is this the fungal version of a double-rainbow?