Drivel Thread 1.0


Thanks for sharing this, Balv. My granddaughter Haven’s tiny heart is the strongest, one I know.


i was thinking of you when i shared this. :slight_smile: glad it made it to your eyes. i hope you can share it as well.

It’s by Brian Doyle


Who knew Bill Murray’s brother was so deep?


Ha. I didn’t know anybody else knew who Brian Doyle Murray was. I remember him as a writer on the old National Lampoon Radio Hour… wasn’t sure what else he has done.


He’s done a lot! I think he’s great!


how does one not know who he is?

he’s brilliant! the grouchy dick in xmas vacation…the park ranger/host in vacation
groundhog day



So @thebalvenie how did your bees do this year? My neighbor and the bee club donated hundreds of jars to the local hospitals for their staff. I think they said it was a very good year for honey production this year.


my bees did well :slight_smile:
lots and lots of honey. 12 gallons…that’s about 130-140 lbs

i gave my parents 20 lbs for xmas



I started a new knitting project this weekend. It’s like those old granny square blankets, you make a piece at a time. It’ll have 13 of these star hexes, 4 half hexes, and some filler triangle pieces. This was knit in the round using 10“ double point needles in a size five.


Nice. Do you do doilies too?


That’s a bit of a personal question, isn’t it?


Doilies aren’t dildos.


Ah, right. Dman dyslexia again. I was wondering what good a knit dildo was.


No, those are usually crocheted. I’m actually more of a cable knitter, but I wanted something that would be airy in the summer months, so I picked a lace pattern. I’ve made blankets for each of my children and they’re all very different. I usually am knitting sweaters. :slight_smile:


anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.


Words to live by.


Love the sweaters.


“I’m actually more of a cable knitter” is one of the weirdest\coolest boasts to date.