Drivel Thread 1.0


The kids would call that a weird flex. :wink:








I took down my Christmas tree, that corner of the living room is back to normal. I kind of liked having the chair out in the middle of the room though. I might rearrange some things and move it back to where it was.


you fit in great here. so glad you found us. love reading your posts and experiencing your kindness.

no homo/not flirting/not kissing ass
I mean it.

i liked your question about dougo…i can tell you from experience…he’s naturally gifted in the arts of kindness. he’s the best of us.


no homo?


I know. Honestly.


i said it because i knew it would illicit a response because it’s stoooopid.


@Monkey’s responses are usually illicit.


Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was in a class in college where the professor made us all go out and buy a copy of the Hold Steady’s Separation Sunday and study it for a whole semester? As ever, I could tell you, but I’d have to bore you. He threatened to make us “find out why so many people are obsessed with U2” also, but lucky for us, we ran out of time milking those conversations about Hallelujah, Charlemagne, &c.


I knitted a case for my Tamagotchi.


That’s insane
Well done!


Well, so me and my daughter progressed to the point that we both are on the second randomized generation. She hit the adorable star bellied sneach sheep lottery and I got something resembling when your kid fucks up on the Mario slot machine. I’m telling myself it’s just an awkward phase.


Did I ever tell you about the time I was in college and I sat behind a guy with fairly small, but hallow, gauges in his ears, and I used to maneuver myself so I could look at the professor through the guy’s gauges?



Finally! I found my all-time favorite scene from Mad About You on youtube. It defines “marriage” in a single scene.


I literally gasped at this.