Drivel Thread 1.0


Maybe I should have said that it defines my first marriage in one scene.


Got these cute little Union suits for Mr. 90-something percentile for height. His little clothes will basically be brand new for the new baby.


My granddaughter Haven got discharged from the hospital last night. I met her for the first time in this parking ramp… I drove her home (2 hours) then her big brother got to meet her. It was quite a joyous occasion.

The fact that she could come home without having to get a tracheotomy and be on a ventilator was almost more than we dared to hope for.


This is awesome. Melts my cold heart. <3


That is wonderful!


So happy for you and your family, Dougo. :heart:


Really great news Dougo.


FUCK YEAH BUDDY!!! Joyas Voladoras!


bitch please.


Sheppie settles down when he holds his baby sister.


Beautiful! So happy for all of you. :heart:


Sheppie looks like u!


He overheard someone say she was going to give the baby snuggles and he thought they said knuckles… so he gave her a little fist bump. I thought it was appropriate.


you are blessed sir. love and hugs to you and your fam dougo!!!

also, you got third place in fantasy football!!!

without even trying!


Wait, what? You mean there’s trying involved?
I thought it was fantasy football - you let the game come to you.


Congrats anyway. Ahaha.


I think the ‘fantasy’ part is that it’s not a shitty, clownish sport.



Oh man. This cranky 25 pound baby trying to climb my morning sickness wracked body like it’s a tree for 40 minutes while I try to walk him to sleep. At least my daughter wasn’t protesting school again today.

It did work… eventually.


Thanks for including Me in fantasy football. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


you can thank @Waves
it’s his league