Drivel Thread 1.0


You ever order a sausage burrito at McDonald’s on a regular basis? If you do, can I get a shout out for positing that the picante packet should not be a mandatory question in their computer? It’s a packet… you aren’t adding it TO the burrito… who is this mysterious majority that is able to squeeze a packet of watery picante sauce on a tiny burrito while also riding down the road at 55 mph?


i avoid mysteries like this by avoiding macdonalds

but god i do love a spicy chicken sand no tomatoe add pickle at Wendy’s


Did I tell you guys I got tapped for Jury Duty until March 8th? It’s fine. I’m fine.


Tabbed or tapped? Honest question.




OK, fair enough.

It just always seems to have a sexual connotation to me… must be I’m a perv.


I think of playing cards… :slight_smile:


Honestly “tapped” reminds me more of draft beer than sex.


How I got out of jury duty while being questioned by the defense attorney.

Q: What is your occupation?

A: I am a logic professor.

Q: No further questions.


i always get out of jury duty. i fill out the questionnaire with long drawn out run on sentences about how i hate the system, judges, juries, and cops.

i’ve yet to be picked.


Love it, Mutineer!

I got tapped for jury duty. The defendant was black woman she was a drug runner (mostly pot and some coke).

There were about 50 of us in a room and we got questioned very generally at first (are any of you law enforcement, attorneys, etc?).

When they started asking about drug laws in the country, I raised my hand and said they were unfair and that other states had legalized marijuana with no serious consequences.

Right after I spoke, a guy a row behind me raised his hand and said he thought crack and cocaine should be legalized. I got off and I imagine he did too.


They sent me a questionnaire. I told them that I’d been harassed by law enforcement with no provocation within 15 years, that I generally find the police to be untrustworthy, and that I believe in defunding both the police and military budgets. I also expressed that I believe the way the court system handles victim testimony is outdated and inhuman, at odds with the nature of human memory and that I find character assassination of victims during court cases to discredit them as reliable witnesses is traumatic, wrong, and abusive. This along with all the background information that I have a history of sexual abuse within my family, am related to a high ranking police officer in town, and am home full time with two kids, pregnant, and have been quarantining because of COVID since March 21st of 2020… I have a feeling their going to pass on me. There are a lot safer bets out there.


You won’t be picked for jury duty, but you are going to get a reality show.


Nobody wants to see me typing posts on this forum board all day between old episodes of the Purina National Dog Show and my children taking turns hazing me. Thanks though, made me laugh.


She was a drug runner… Alleged surely? Prosecution would have taken you in a beat.


There are three attorneys in my extended family. I should know better. :wink:


So you’re the black sheep who didn’t join the family business?


Am I the only person in the world who still can’t be bothered to use streaming services such as Spotify for music? Ok I’m mid 40s, so maybe that’s part of the reason, but I don’t see the appeal. I’ve never enjoyed the radio, purely because I might enjoy one song out of ten. And Spotify seems to be the same: “Hey, because you liked this band, here’s 10 other bands that our algorithm says you’ll enjoy but really they’re just poor imitations of what you already know you like”. Sorry, but I didn’t get my mid afternoon nap, and now I’m cranky!


I also do not use any streaming services or listen the radio. Louisville does have a great independent radio station with no commercials WFPK. In my car though I still play cd’s. I’m old and my car is old. :blush:


You’re lucky you have a cd player in that car, and not a tape deck! :grin: UK radio sucks, at least it does during the day. I used to listen to evening shows that might have live sets or session tracks by bands, but those days are possibly over. I might have to do some “new music investigative work” soon…