Drivel Thread 1.0


I use amazon HD for streaming, allows you to download anything in the catalogue for offline listening, I do that to sd card on my dap and have cd resolution files on the go with no algorithm as keep it in plane mode. Works well for me.


Big! :purple_heart::black_heart:



This is hilarious.


i really enjoy streaming service platforms.

i’ve used iheart, spotify, itunes, and amazon.

i do like the fact you can put on one of your favorite artists and it can generate a playlist of similar taste. i’ve discovered some great music this way!

i could care less about flac files anymore. they just sit there…ready to be converted. the quality is hardly discernible nor worth keeping or even downloading in flac …sure i don’t want some horseshit low bitrate copy of a copy that’s all distorted and sounds like it went through a microwave…

we have a sonos system in our house. holy fuck. i love it. i feel like we’re in concert.

first song i played…last summer on the system…“You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” i wanted to hear that spector wall of sound


Was that you? I had no idea but yeah you’re welcome. The more the merrier and hopefully you’ll come back next season. I couldn’t even make the playoffs in my own league! It’s okay because I won $50 in another league with Godspeed (from the org, he was Touchdown of Grey in this league).


Please include me next year. Pretty sure I’ve been in it before. I was in the old league Dustin ran for years and it was always a good one.


At least some good news.


Great news. Currently reading a book about environmental racism. I’m in the lead chapter and just learned about the Baltimore Lead Paint Study, where the investigated the effects of lower cost lead abatement programs by subjecting children ages 1-4 to lead exposure in old old homes. This was in the 1990s!



Glad to see Rick Snyder and others in hot water.