Drivel Thread 1.0


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.


Sarcastic yes. Most definitely.

A full Physical Inventory was done for my customer over the last two days. Literally every unit of theirs in the warehouse was counted 2-3 times. Thank god I don’t do that.

But an outside auditor is hired to come in and watch the process for the customer. Since no one is allowed in, I had to do it over the phone/zoom with the auditor.


Been awhile since I’ve had a shitty phlebotomist, but here we are. I knew the moment she started talking that she did not give a fuck about paying attention to what she was doing and sure enough, she collapsed it and then had to dig backwards to collect anything. It’s like would it kill you to be present for 10 seconds before you puncture my skin? 🥭


You would love doing heroin with me.


This is simultaneously sexy, creepy, and upsetting. You win this time, Nick.


You could have stopped at “sexy.”


Did you guys see this?!


I did not and WTF and OMG and I love Neil!


oh baby!


The only thing I can see wrong with this is that the other albums he put out at this same time frame were pretty awful. The fact that this one didn’t make the cut makes it seem even more awful to me.

Everybody’s Rocking
Old Ways

If he’s got songs that couldn’t make it on to those three albums they must be worth leaving them on the cutting room floor.


I’m sure you’ve seen this, right? He transitions at the end to reggae ad libbing.

My hope is that it’ll basically be a concept album like this.


I like Trans and Old Ways.


I have Old Ways on vinyl… can’t get all the way through it.

Maybe the songs would be listenable without that god awful production.


There is something about 80s country music that is just terrible. Worst of all is the weird harmonica that has disappeared.


Marilyn Manson? Really? Who can you trust anymore?


I’m not even remotely surprised, what a scumbag.





I saw him solo back in the mid 80’s and he did a couple Trans songs, Sample and Hold I remember being pretty good.

This is the only picture I have of him with him wearing the mic doing the Trans thing.

He also did some do wop from Everybody’s Rockin’ and some country stuff off Old Ways. It was a really good show. He had a couple guys join him and did a bunch of Live Rust stuff in the second set.


I’ve always liked the fact he just goes for whatever hits him. Not always great but honest.