Drivel Thread 1.0


Trans used to be a joke to me now I actually dig it. Everybody’s Rockin’ lost me though somehow everything Neil does is more palletable in hindsight. I even like Greendale.


I have good news and bad news. The good news: we were able to do the face transplant. Bad news: the donor is Jeff Tweedy.


Got my 2nd COVID shot yesterday. I would rate this tied with the worst hang over with the flu. Probably the same tomorrow


So pretty debilitating or just annoying as hell?


pretty much debilitating


Yikes, be well.

I’ve not even had #1 and won’t have the chance for a couple months I should think.


Hopefully the numbers will go up soon. There are 5 of us out today. About a 1/3 had a reaction.




He reached for my Klondike bar and pulled back a bloody stub.


I have those same paper plates.


Just another day at the office?

“What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

The jingle is rhetorical, @Monkey It’s not a dare/threat.


A men’s rights activist posted this bizarre “Women’s Magazine” site on my Facebook today. It’s basically a mouthpiece for Red Pill and QAnon written at a first grade reading level. The comments are gold, if not terrifying… check this one out (at the end it comes out he’s a white supremacist):

This is all wildly outdated and irrelevant to today because most women today act far too masculine themselves and this is just one more reason dating and marriage are dead and dying and most men are losing interest in women. Heterosexual men do not want to be with a dude or rather a woman who looks like and acts like a dude- he would have to be a closet homosexual to be attracted to that. Yet nightmarishly, that is exactly what most women act like today.

Imagine how disgusted and repulsed you would be as a woman if most men started acting feminine and started wearing dresses because that’s what they found attractive in you… and then when you rejected them they then proclaimed, “You just can’t ‘handle’ a man in touch with his feminine side.” That’s how bizarre you look and sound to us today and for the last 25 years and it is all 100% the blame of Feminism filling women’s heads up with misinformation.

Next, you’ll say, “that’s not true, I don’t ever hear men saying this,” and that’s because most men are terrified of being labelled a ‘misogynist’ and told you ‘just’ ‘hate’ women to just shut you up because a man dared to criticize women. So keep it up ladies, feminism has now set the white European races on a trajectory towards extinction with below replacement birth rates since the 70s and Asians are next haven fallen under the cancer of feminism and all other races are soon to follow. Feminism is suicide.


Yikes. They everywhere.

You weary your opponent by making them fight endless skirmishes for no gain. Hence, this magazine and its post on your FB.


At first I thought it had to be satire written by men, but sadly it is not. I need to just delete this guy off my friends list I think, since last night he dropped me down a rabbit hole about the Hart family crash which is, frankly, something I could have gone my whole life without knowing about.

Highlife, what do you think about current events are they correlate to personal satisfaction in America? I was thinking yesterday about how I actually had a school class in the sixth grade that taught us how to properly read a newspaper (foster a love of current events), but with how the lenses is focused on the ugliest aspects of human behavior, I’m not sure that that would be something I’d want to encourage in my 6 year old daughter. I’m conflicted. Certainly fighting for social justice is the right thing to do, but I can’t say it hasn’t made me more miserable than otherwise. I want my kid to be happier than I am.


I have no kids so I am the worst person to ask for any sort of parenting advice. But if I have learned anything about unhappiness is that it can be connected to striving (among other things). We want things, material and spiritual for ourselves and for others. We cannot have these things, or we can but the process is long and fraught.

At the core of this, to me, is a struggle against things we cannot control. So it is not the striving, it is the fact that we lack the control to see our wishes come to fruition, as they are dependent on other people’s actions and completely random chance and events.

Red lights. Lack of promotion or recognition at work. Not getting the kind of love or support we need. Mustard on a sandwich that we specifically requested be left on the side. The needless suffering of others we will never meet.

It would seem that a path to happiness may be to somehow maintain a hopeful, purposeful nature while at the same time recognizing our lack of control to achieve our wishes for ourselves and others. A beneficent unattached position.

In reading this, keep in mind if I am in a room with more than one person, I am likely the biggest idiot in the room.


Yeah, that shit is really fucking sad. I find it really odd that the body of one of the sons was never found.


Well, it is the ocean… I know that some people say that he was murdered before hand, but I would rather think he just… got carried off. What was killing me was the Safeway receipt from the day before… like that was obviously the kids’ last meal after being starved most of the time. 500mg of Benedryl is 20 pills. Did they force them to swallow them, or did they stick them in the beef ravioli? And god, how when they searched the house they only found one twin sized bed for 6 kids, most of them being teenagers… Everything about it was so upsetting.



Speaking of Phoebe Bridgers…
I heard she smashed a guitar on Saturday Night Live. I haven’t had the stomach to sit through that show in decades, but didn’t Pete Townshend and John Belushi already do that?