Drivel Thread 1.0


Yeah it’s insignificant. It was great when I worked in the restaurant business though.

We opt out of Valentine’s Day.
Love should be shared every day. :heart:


You are such a CATCH.

I think this Valentine’s day is different because there is so little going on with the pandemic that there’s this expectation of, “well, you could have got me flowers, what else is going on?”

I got pink roses with my son and saw four middle-aged women buying roses for themselves. They wouldn’t make eye contact with me.


Nothing brightens your house up like fresh flowers. When I worked in an office with no windows, I bought myself flowers once a week.


I agree. I enjoy them too. I was only mentioning the women because I saw them on Valentine’s Day buying flowers.


I went to the florist on Saturday and bought my mom (and wife) bouquets of flowers. It was the first time I’ve been anywhere in about a month and the place was pretty full.

I went by my folks’ retirement community and called them to say I had a delivery… it is about the only contact we are allowed to have, and it’s stretching the rules. I can actually see them and hand them the delivery in the air lock, but no visiting is allowed. My mom had just left to go to the store and I missed her. She called and did enjoy the flowers though. When you are stuck in an apartment things like flowers are really important for them. They are still on lockdown even though every one of the residents there has had both vaccines.


When I was 20 I was working in an assisted living apartment complex. It was one building with about 80 residents, and we had a viral flu outbreak. It was seriously the scariest thing ever seeing how quickly things got so serious despite precautions. By the time it was over we had more than 30 residents in the hospital, and you know once they go to the hospital, they’re not coming back home. I wish there had been some of these COVID recommendations to follow, it probably would have gone a lot better containing it.


Yeah, it seems like at least we are learning more about infectious diseases and how to mitigate the spread.


Thank you Ely. Thought I sounded more like a bitch. I was griping to my coworker. He thinks it’s a trap, like a test that my husband is still supposed to get something which tells you how evil the layering us on this “holiday”. However some folks like it just fine. I’m not one of them. I buy flowers at Costco every other week. You can’t beat their bouquets for under 20 bucks. They stay nice for at least 2 weeks in time for the next bunch. I love flowers. Just not ransom flowers.


i gambled dice all weekend on a cabin by a lake in the woods w/ 5 buddies

the last dance on in the background

it was fun.


See? You got a good one.


My son had his first tooth come through last night! :revolving_hearts:


My condolences. Teething was tough.


I’ve been checking for the mail every half hour since 9am.


for what?


Our bottle warmer killed itself over the weekend, so we’ve been having to warm them over the stove with a sauce pan and meat thermometer set up (fun fact, due to dubious calls made by previous owners the water heater is so far away from my kitchen it takes ten minutes to run the water in and once you do it you have to wait an hour to have enough hot water for a bath). The new one is coming today.


We do also have tea coming, so that’s exciting. :))))


can you warm up some water slowy in a pot?


Yes, that was basically what we were doing. Bottles aren’t very warm, like 80 degrees F, so we were basically heating the water on low and then waiting for it to come back down before putting the glass bottles in. It was just getting old after 4 days, happy to have a warmer again with bottles waiting!


Here’s a story about what transpired when a friend of mine went in for her Covid vaccine.


That’s fucked.