Drivel Thread 1.0



I got my car back!

My daughter had been borrowing it since the middle of November. We really didn’t need 2 cars with no place to go and everything closed… but still, it’s nice to have my car back.


I did the Wisdom Panel and Embark Panel on my Ruby. The only breed that they had in common was Lab. Call me skeptical about their efficacy.


Oh no. I really want to believe.

Embark is one of our clients at my job. Not mine but still cool. Now I’m curious to see what his results would be.


I definitely think Embark was more accurate – I can at least see the breeds they say she has (Lab, Bluetick Coonhound, Australian Cattle Dog, and Beagle).

The only one I think Wisdom got right was the Lab and they had 50% unidentifiable. I also saw the address for the lab were Wisdom went, and I’m skeptical of a lot of the work they do in the species I"m familiar with.


That reply was meant for you, but I’ve forgot how to message board.


I got it :ok_hand:t2:




I have to fight my 2-year-old grandson over the Crunch Berry cereal now, I shouldn’t have introduced him to it.

I gave him a bowl of strawberry rhubarb pie flavored ice cream on Saturday and he said “mmmmm, that’s my favorite food!”.


I just heard that Garland is going to be attorney general. Why hasn’t this come up here before?


We’ve had much bigger world events that have gone completely unmentioned. That’s one of the reasons I love it here.


I meant to point that to mutineer but it’s much funnier coming off Dougo’s comment.


Ha, I specialize in mentioning big world events.


So this is funny, or not depending on how nervous you are… I have been drinking tea out of this handthrown mug I bought on Etsy like 2-3 times a day for the last couple of weeks, and just to happened to dry it with a paper towel for the first time. Alarmingly, it looked like there was glaze coming out of the bottom, powdered streaks in red and brown. I messaged the seller to ask her if her glazes contained lead, obviously a pretty serious issue since I’m pregnant. She ended up telling me that their kiln had broken down and that they’d had to fire the mugs in question 3 times, that she’d never seen anything like this, but YES it’s red lead in the glaze inside.

The funniest part about this missive is that she outted herself as a pro-life nut job, glad handing me on “caring about my little one, so few do.”

Get yourself some lead testing strips at the hardware store if you’re paranoid now like I’m paranoid.


Oh fuck!


Don’t worry. I’m going to ask my GP for a lead test in a couple weeks and that mug is now a pencil cup. I don’t have any symptoms.


Totally unrelated, I thought this was interesting…


God, what a bunch of snowflakes.


Most glazes used to contain lead, but very few are made with lead in them nowadays. My potter friend stopped using those glazes several years ago, but did mention some of those glazes were his favorites. He fires in an electric kiln, not an anagama wood-fired kiln, which I believe is used for pottery used as drinking and eating vessels.

I hope your test comes out negative - lead poisoning can be really bad, obviously.


My jury duty term ended and I didn’t have to report once! To quote the unfortunate Marv Albert… YOWSE! 🦷