Drivel Thread 1.0




Tonight Louisville beat Duke for the 2nd time this season. In overtime.

This is excellent.
We may not be that great this year, key players injured, lots of COVID related cancellations, but tonight I’m pretty pleased.


Watching the Dukies lose always makes me happy too.

My Wolverines appear to be GREAT this year… even though they had to sit out over three weeks without a single player or anyone in their program testing positive.


We did the same, three weeks of no play.
Our captain, and key player has been out all season, and yesterday, on his third game active, he got hurt again.

I just want these guys to get in a few rounds in the tournament. The last few years have been rough.


What a bunch of nonsense. Isn’t being offended that “men” is in the word “women” literally a relic of first wave feminism? If they want to make changes that make their community better for actual women that exist, they should be doing something to counteract the revenge doxing so prevalent in the gaming community. No one cares if you’re spelling “women” like “women…” And yeah, third wave feminism needs to include transwomen, so this was a moronic move all around.


As the story mentions, this kind of thing is as much a marketing stunt as anything else… get everyone talking about Twitch, or whatever. Even if they revert back to where they were it serves the same purpose as showing the world that “they care”.

I certainly don’t.


Fuck Ted Cruz and fuck Greg Abbott.


In all of 2020 and so far in 2021, I have taken a total of two days off work. I was supposed to go to Florida to visit my mom last March but canceled the trip as COVID was just beginning. I haven’t seen my mom or any of my family since Thanksgiving 2019.

So fuck it, we’re going to Florida. We’ve been so good throughout this pandemic. We have gone nowhere, done nothing, seen no one. My mom is alone, though she has a lot of friends in Florida and and when she’s home in Baltimore. I had to practically beg to get a week off work because we are short handed and busier than ever.

We will lay low in Florida but at least get to be in the sunshine and go sit on the beach. Most importantly we will spend time with my mom. I need a break. :sunny:


Where are you going in Florida?


St. Pete. My mom has a condo there and lives there in the winter.

I love it there.


Good for you. I got to see my Mom last August and we felt like we got away with one. You have to have a break and recharge.


Okay, so you might remember me posting about the Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer… I had an OCD epiphany yesterday that no one in my immediate circle wants to talk about so I’m about to spill it here.

My mom has been obnoxiously telling me to drink my coffee black for years without acknowledging that I actually already do this. So I would roll my eyes at the other end of the line when she told me for the 15th or 26th time about how she lost 15 lbs. by cutting milk and sugar out of her coffee routine. To my mind, how the hell could 35 calories once a month make a bit of difference?

We bought these whimsical Cocoa and Fruity Pebble coffee creamers, and then literally the next week we decided with the nicer weather we (my husband and I) were going to try to stay under 2000 and 1500 calories respectively, and to start tracking steps to make sure we were making an effort to get outside… We weren’t even counting this stupid coffee creamer, what a throw away at 35 calories a serving.

I drink one cup of coffee a day. I use serving sizes. I am really drinking 35 calories of creamer. And that 35 calories by the time my creamers have expired, will have netted me an extra 1000 calories at the end of the month that I would have in no way compensated for in other ways… it’s just extra. Well, hey, that’s less than 1/3 of a pound yeah, no big deal… But listen. It’s one cup. It’s using the serving size. If I did this every single day at this super minimal rate, in 5 years I would have literally gained 20 pounds just by drinking coffee creamer.

My mother was right. Everyone needs to know! 26 times!


but if you were to fast one day a week you’d be back to normal.

i’m on the 30 day love handle challenge…so far…so good!!!


That’s a fun fact for you, Balv. I actually did 20/4 intermittent fasting for three years. It cured my hypertriglyceridemia, enabling me to get off daily medication.

But it also gave me a mustache because I am a woman and women should not fast.



a woman’s mustache is called a “Ronnie”


I should clarify, probably, lest we have any fasting women on this board… What I mean is my incredibly blonde and fine facial hair darkened appreciably in response to daily fasting. I just used honey and lemon to get it back to normal and when I quit fasting because I was pregnant, it went back to normal on its own. Not a huge deal, but you know, biologically I’m sure my body was like clearly your man has died, you must be the man now. Go forth!


I like my men the same way I like my coffee…

[Dear Reader, you finish the joke]


Consistent and unadorned.


The joke is about using Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer, not your recent conversion to black coffee.


Ely, I’ve been drinking my coffee black for almost ten years…