Drivel Thread 1.0


Black, thick, and with a fruit-forward finish and nutty beginning.


I refuse to accept this. Not because it’s wrong but because if giving my husband a little more to squeeze is the trade off for one of the only pure pleasures of getting ready for work, I’ll take it.


Long, loose and full of juice.


That was one actually funny and you didn’t even feel the need to explain it to me like I didn’t get it the first time. :wink:


This is how I feel about fountain soda when eating out. Or take out, I guess, ahaha.


I can’t post pics. I’ve become my mother.


Can you describe it for us? <3


That doesn’t open, mom.


take out the ` and i bet that image works.


A cup of coffee
With cream in my favorite cup
Village idiot


For sucks sake was that so hard. Sorry kids.


Amazing, where did you come across that? Reminds me of the Confederacy of Dunces…


It’s a pretty average restaurant on Melrose in LA. We loved their coffee cups so we bought a few.


black and sufficient in getting the job done… yet immature and age inappropriate, insisting on doing a Power Ranger dance after I climax.


Sounds balanced, Ely.


sounds like how woody allens takes his coffee


Fishing last Friday was as good as it gets

Only caught 1 fish but no pics of it


A little Wikipedia humor from my archive of photos today in history… @thebalvenie especially for you.


I think he prefers sipping Boba tea in a Hello Kitty onesie.